How To Create A Lifelong Restaurant Customer

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Transcript of the 1st half of the video:

If somebody goes to a restaurant for the 1st time and has a flawless experience, the statistical likelihood of them doing a 2nd visit is about 40%.

If they come back a 2nd and have a flawless experience, the statistical likelihood of a 3rd visit is still about 42%.

The 3rd time they come, the statistical likelihood of a 4th visit is over 70%.

So, you’ve got to market to 3 visits, not 1!

Visit 1 – Free Rib Dinner: You sit him down, put a red napkin on the table, not a white one. Identify him (or her) as a 1st time customer, connect with him and work to get him back a 2nd time and a 3rd time.

Once they’re there the 3rd time, you own them.


You put a red napkin at the table, Gary sits down, he’s eating dinner. Now he’s getting his free rib dinner, orders water, costs him nothing.

I know he’s a first time customer because he’s got a red napkin.

When he’s leaving, the manager comes to the table, writes on the back of the business card, “$5 Off Chicken.”

Says, “Did you like the ribs?”

“Loved them.”

“You got to try my chicken, come in for the chicken.”

Now I’m prompting a 2nd visit, not with a printed coupon, [but with] a hand written card.

Now he comes in for the 2nd visit, drops the business card on the table. Everybody knows this is a 2nd visit because red napkin was the 1st visit.

2nd visit, he finishes the meal, you go up and say, “So how is the chicken?”

“It was frickin’ great.”

“Are you full?”

“Totally stuffed.”

“Man, next time you gotta try my cheesecake!” – Free piece of cheesecake.

Now, 3 visits…

The rib dinner cost me $5, the chicken was a wash out because it was a discount, the cheesecake is $1.35. For about $6, you got three visits out of him with a 70% likelihood of a 4th. That’s the way you market a restaurant within the four walls of it.

Credit: Jon Taffer and Gary Vaynerchuk

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